Located in the Sacred Valley

of the Incas

Kausay Wasi Clinic in Coya, Peru

Since opening in 2005. The Clinic has provided health
care services to more than 250,000 patients, offering
9 distinct health services 7 days a week.


General practitioners and specialists.
Licensed Nursing.
Dentists and technical staff.

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Office Hours

Monday to Sunday
8:00 am. - 4:00 pm.

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We're providing comprehensive healthcare services to Peru's poorest.

Kausay Wasi Health Clinic - Coya, Calca - Cusco

No patient is ever turned away for lack of funds
June 19th 2012 194502

No patient is ever turned away for lack of funds

The most important characteristic of the clinic is that patients are treated with dignity, respect for their traditions, customs and beliefs. Clinic personel speak quechua, the native language. No patient is ever turned away for lack of funds. The clinic…
Medical Campaigns
June 19th 2012 198362

Medical Campaigns

To date, 120 American, Canadian and European volunteer medical teams have performed over 2800 free operations at the clinic, including gynecological, orthopedic, Ear Nose and Throat, plastic surgery, dental, and general surgery cases.

Every year the demand for services grows.

Thanks to the generosity and support from individuals and companies around the world, we can continue to expand.

Under normal circumstances, the majority of the clinic’s patients would not be able to afford these services, however, here at Kausay Wasi, they are never turned away due to lack of funds, which is why donations are so important.  

Every year the demand for services grows, and thanks to the generosity and support from individuals and companies around the world, we can continue to expand.

Adopt a Family Program

Kausay Wasi Clinic is proud to be fully sustainable our operating costs are covered by the fees provided to patients..

However, people living in extreme poverty are often unable to afford even the modest fees charged by the clinic. In order to provide indigent families with care they sorely need, we started the Adopt a Family program in 2006.

Anyone wishing to provide health care for an entire Peruvian family for a period of one year (including medical, dental and gynecological care, lab work, X-rays, physical therapy and medicines) may do so by sending their tax deductible $200 donation made out to:
Capitol City Medical Teams
3275 Crestview drive
Salem, OR 97302

Please be sure to write "Adopt a Family" in the lower left hand corner of your check. You will be provided with a tax deductible letter, at the end of the year you will receive photo of your family and a detailed report of how your donation helped them.

Adopt a Family At The Kausay Wasi Clinic, Coya, Peru

You can adopt a Peruvian family for $200 per year. The family will then have complete access to the Clinic's services. If you would like a picture of your adopted family, please provide an email address with your donation so we can send it to you.


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About Us

Asociacion Civil Promotora de Salud Social Pro Salud Calca is a registered Peruvian non-governmental non-profit organization founded by Guido and Sandy Del Prado to provide basic health.

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Volunteer doctors have worked with Association Pro Salud Calca since 2003.

Tarapaca Street S/N Coya, Calca | Cusco – Peru
Telephone USA: 786 999 8284
Telephone Peru: (+51) 084 797493
Cellphone Peru: (+51)984 673814 | (+51)984 673815
Email: info@kausaywasi.org