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Office Hours: Monday to Sunday 8:00 am. - 4:00 pm.   (084) 797493


General Medicine

General Medicine is available at the Clinic seven days a week. Over 320,000 low income patients have been provided with quality care over the past thirteen years. Our General Practitioners see approximately 200 patients a week.

The Dental Unit

The Dental Unit provides daily services including prosthetics, and our dentists offer modern treatments for improving dental health


In Perú, it is all too common to see people who have lost limbs to accident or disease spend their whole lives on crutches. In addition to our regular physical therapy services, we have a prosthetics unit, which offers patients the opportunity to walk again. We offer prosthetic legs and feet and the physical training needed to help patients get accustomed to their new prosthetics. Best of all we accept all patients in need of a procedure that is otherwise prohibitively expensive.


Hearing tests are provided to diagnosis hearing loss or damage. Hearing aids are provided at a low, affordable cost to those who can afford them and are cost-free to those who cannot.

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